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[info]biography [14 Jul 2018|08:08pm]

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[14 Jul 2018|08:08pm]

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Tell the ocean your secrets. [09 Jul 2018|12:55pm]


“I am the ocean; the earth; whatever dies for you.” Read more... )

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What has the past year brought you? [08 Jul 2018|02:54pm]


Happy Birthday, Something To Tell You!

It has been a beautiful, weird and wild ride over the past year. We couldn't have done it without the tremendous and fantastic support of our fans, our families (including our tour family), friends, fans and loved ones near and far. These songs were some of the most personal work we've done... and it's never easy to let yourself be honest when there is so much negativity these days. Still, I am extremely proud of this record. I evolved as a human throughout the entire writing and recording process and maybe learned a new guitar lick or two. The live shows have been incredible and we've been filling venues bigger than I could have ever imagined (Ally Pally!!). Still, there's more to be said and more work to be done when it comes to equalizing the music industry. I'm looking forward to using my time off to be more vocal about the insane wage gap within the industry and the lack of resources dedicated to uplifting female musicians on the whole.

Now we regroup, recoup (for awhile), and then maybe sneak back into a studio or two to start working on #3.

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[info]biography [07 Jul 2018|08:57pm]

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When the diagnosis is worse than you thought. [08 Jul 2018|12:54am]

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